Socially showing up for a good one.

5 mi. I had all intentions of lying back and coasting thu the track workout today… and I did.  I ran with Perry, who was off a good 1/2 Marathon the week prior.  I remember thinking if Paul asks for a mile for time it will be my slowest mile ever recorded!  I feel good, I’m not A+ fast, but no soreness, injuries or anything like that!  Here’s what we did, short 600s with 1000s in between.

1 mi warmup

6 x 100m w/100m recoveries
1000m w /200m recovery
2 x 300m w/ 100m recoveries
1000m w/ 200m recovery
3 x 200m w/ 100m recoveries
1000m w/200m recovery

1 mi cooldown jog

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