Wetsuit Practice!

2000 yards.  Let me say this loud, the wetsuit is a HUGE advantage!  Full arms over sleeveless, yes, that too.  Adrianna lent me hers, the fit is good and it looks fast.  I have to spend more time getting the material up on the legs and arms, it pulls hard on the shoulders if you don’t.  Half of the workout was done with tight spots across my shoulders, they eventually worked themsleves out as my legs became further in the suit.  I swam towards the wall and crashed into it twice with my elbos, I got there quicker than I thought I would!  I have to get one of these, even though I don’t use wetsuits in most races. Whe the time comes, I know what I want to be wearing.  Here’s the workout… 

Warmup Set (300y)

3 x [4 x 25 @ 0:40]

Main Set (1400y)

14 x [50 @ 0:10 rest, 2 x 25 @ 0:05 rest]

 Warmdown Set (300y)

250 easy-mod @ 5:20

50 drill

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