Last ride for “oh-ten”

This is sand. Ride it!
Good for the legs and lungs, JD Park is cooler to ride in the winter months.

1.5 hrs I met Ellie and Dave Anderson at JD State Park to plod thru the sand. They know the trails well, and since I took a slef imposed break form riding there due to the sandy conditions, I’d need them.  We did familiar trails in an unfamiliar pattern, having me learn about the park a little more.  Chip showed up after about 70 minutes, it’s good to follow him, he’s fast and he knows the trails down to the roots.  I felt good using my lungs on the sandy climbs, this could be a good supplemental workout. I used my older Vans clip shoes, the Diaddora shoes haven’t been outfitted with the Shimano clips yet. I may get a $63 annual membership to compel myself to ride there more often.

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