Bridge corral

8mi.  Ok, back on track with the bathroom prep, no issues today, but oh well, the rest rooms were open anyway. Today was the first day where the north side of the bridge was fenced off, no pedestrians. The other side isn’t done yet and has remained seemingly dormant for months, but here goes, they’re ripping up the other side. I ran warmup with Teresa, the Adrienne and Lilia came. We were limited to running in a new pedestrian lane on the south side of the bridge. It was two rows of chain link fencing, held in place by sandbags and metal legs. These will certainly figure into somebody’s early morning wipeout, I hope not, but it’s a tight run up there. Paul and John Reback came, a few others, and I finished all 6 miles uninterrupted for the first time in many weeks. A cool down as usual, and I was not only the first runner to chance the new route, I was also the first one done and heading home.

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