Stormy solo ride

30mi. I left the house today at 5:45am, ordinarily a ride from Suzanne’s house would start an hour later. It was raining hard but I didn’t fuss at all today, I just went with flashing lights blazing. I did change out of the wacky white suspenders because they would be irreparably stained. I went Northlake to Military north, almost stuffing myself on a median triangle while making a risky cross of the road in the dark. A well-timed bunnyhop saved that from happening. I kept heading north to Donald Ross and east to the water. Then up to the Inlet, a pause to see some pieces of the sunset through the clouds, and back down A1A. I kept heading south past Donald Ross Rd, switching over to US-1 at J-Town bikes. Raining all the way, I pedaled south to PGA, then further south over the wet bridge surface all the way to Northlake. Now I was heading east with a good wind – 10-15 mph sustained. I never pressed it too hard, getting 30 miles in odd conditions was a good enough workout for me for today. A complete cleaning and silicone spraying of the bike and wheels was necessary so I used the air compressor to help make that happen. I WAS GLAD I DIDN’T GO BACK TO SLEEP!

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