Breezy and thankful for it!

8 mi.  Walter and I were the lone 5am starters today. We did the warmup laps in the parking lot, noticing it was very hot (80 deg) and humid, but a stiff breeze from the remnants of Tropical Storm Debbie was keeping us cool. We hit the bridge and for the second week in a row, no lights. It was hard to see where we were running, because your eyes had the lights of Riviera Beach in them, but from knee height down, you saw only darkness. One of the construction barriers lost it’s rubber bottom, this was lying in the middle of the run lane on the downhill, it was tricky the first two laps to identify where it was and not to kick it. Adrienne ran with Lenae and Kylan, at the bottom of one lap she rolled her ankle on a dark blob of tar. Thankfully she was ok! Walter and I did the cooldown, this was nice because once you stopped bridge running and slowed for a minute, sweat came and the breeze across my skin felt magical. At 6am after 8 miles in a sauna, anything on my skin might qualify as magical, take that with a limited sense of seriousness!

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