Just when you think you’re alone…

8mi. With Chiara and Walter both letting me know they wouldn’t be at the bridge, I assumed I’d be solo huffing it up and down the hill. When I arrived, it was Paul and I, he had already completed a lap of warmup. I ran my first one with him. He’s leaving for London in a week, and says the race with Laura is 9am London time, 4am our time for those looking to see the olympics and also squeeze in a Loggerhead Triathlon.

Once done with two warmup laps, I went to the hill with Joe, a new runner Christian, and just ahead were Teresa and Heather , looking to finish 5 laps quick then go to NPB masters swim. I ran slightly behind JOe and Christian til the top of the hill where I caught them. Christian kept pace going downhill and passed me. They both kept pace up and down the next hill, too. I was up and down passing them and stopping for water every 2 laps, so I found the hills to be a chase of these two guys! By lap 4, they fell behind for good. David Reback brought the brown UPS truck-like van with several of his daughters, they all ran together on the sidewalk. Also running were JOhn Reback, Matt K., Lilia, Kylan and Lanae.

This was my most significant bridge run in many months, I pressed myself on a hot day to do my pace. Not arriving or chatting with others made a difference.

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