16mi.  I woke up early at 2:50am to run what I thought would be 26 miles. Garmin charged, Nuun tablet for the hand bottle, the right clothes – I was ready. I started at 3:20am, the temp in the car said 86, unusually hot! I started the run with coconut milk in the hand bottle, that has to be really cold to taste good. I had a visor light and the rear blinking light, but I didn’t encounter too many cars the whole way down and back to Singer Island Ocean Mall. There was a breeze from the east, not really until on Singer Island though. I saw a man sitting at a bar in the middle of the street – apparently setup for an event, it was still surprising at what was 4:35am? I kept a good pace, usually below 8 min miles – a tiny bit slower coming back than heading down.

When I got back to the store, I had 20 minutes to wait for the group run. I saw Austin and Walter heading for the duck pond and it didn’t look as if they were coming back, either! Chiara wasn’t around, and many other usuals were on vacation. I felt my stomach get that odd feeling similar to what Palms 100 felt like. I started running with the group at 6am, but I only ran to US-1. I turned around and headed back to the car, this workout was over. I felt I was being wise. I didn’t need to run 26 miles. In fact, my next race being a half marathon, I probably was good to do 16 miles at 7:57 pace as per Garmin. So I went home, showered and slept from 7-9am.

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