18 of 20 miles for NYC

18mi. I ran early, 5:30am around the duck pond to start this Saturday’s long effort. I’m racing next weekend so I don’t need too many miles, but anything below fatigue will be great. I return to the store and pickup Adrienne who has already run 6 miles to PGA Blvd and back. We ran slowly, it is darker each morning I do this! We spoke about NYC marathon and who’s going, where everyone is staying, etc. I’m looking forward to that! Once around the 10 mile loop, we ran the duck pond one more time, then over and back on the Donald Ross bridge. Adrienne’s injured hip registers as “painful but tolerable” which has her excited to turn in a 20 miler before the marathon. I was also satisfied with 18 instead of 13 only a week before my date with dirt in Atlanta.

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