60 out of nowhere

60mi. I began starting with a smaller than usual group from Loggerhead park. We weren’t making much progress, we stayed for an extended period at Bridge Rd talking, someone had tire issues immediately after turning onto Gomez Rd, and Sandsprit Park was a chatfest and generous rest stop, too. The group thinned at each delay, some turned at Bridge Road, others at Sandsprit.  I thought I might return home from Sandsprit, 50 miles would be good for me!  Lanae and Troy had interest in riding to the tiki hut, which I said I’d do. The three of us went that far, rested for a small bit, then realized Lanae had to work at 11am. That meant a non stop 20mph pace all the way home. I tried to keep the pace above that, luckily we had a tailwind and no traffic interruptions, we did well on the return to Old Dixie Hwy. We chose to ride US-1 hoe on the rolling hills, it was fun to open up and really go fast from the turnoff in Hobe Sound all the way south to Tequesta and County Line Drive. Lanae stayed with me, Troy dropped back. I need more rides like this that put me right up front with my beak in the wind. I wasn’t expecting to ride 60 or go fast up front for any extended period. Both were good surprises.

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