The one I thought I’d miss

10mi. New start location as the Tri Running Sports store has moved across the street into what was Cycle Science. I met all of our displaced NY Marathoners, many wore the “flight shirts” I made personalized with each runner’s name. I ran first with Lisa Reiss to let her know I’d be moving soon and I’d need her services on the job. Then a lap to the Inlet and back with Suzanne was perfect. The sky was dark all the way to the Inlet, the last Saturday for that view! Then a wonderful sunrise to watch develop at each stairway along the beach heading back. Today also made for a prolonged visit to Dunkin’ Donuts post run. MOst of our group wasn’t supposed to be in Florida. I did think numerous times how fortunate I was not to be wrestling the familiar hurricane problems like our family and friends up north. I know missing the race this year is a downer, but the problems that exist for people supersede what I lost in missing the race tomorrow…

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