Think ahead

8mi. I arrived alone, a completely empty parking lot, no homeless folks, fishermen or Paul. It was 62 degrees and a breeze from the NW – nice enough to run with long shorts and a cotton t-shirt. I ran my warmup solo and hill lap #1 alone, too. Lanae was waiting for em to start lap #2 – very good to have someone to talk with. We had plenty to discuss, with most content leaning hard in the IM Switzerland direction. We have plenty of options and ideas. As the word gets around, people are interested in visiting or trying out their spectating talents, we’ll see who really shows up. We spoke about having to swim more often and incorporate long bike rides. I have to get some mid week cycling via spin or Computrainer in my schedule. Swimming can happen in the am taking John to school or early in the mornings if I go to a masters workout. I haven’t run in 3-4 weekends and I’m not worse off because of it. Letting my legs tune and repair is healthy. So is keeping the bridge workouts and track sessions on my calendar regardless of the races I have scheduled.

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