It feels so late?

8 mi. Having flown in from Sydney all of yesterday, I didn’t know what I’d have ready for a workout. I purposely didn’t set my alarm, figuring if I need the sleep I’d take it, if I woke up in time I’d run, whatever happens, happens. I woke up at 2:30am completely done with sleeping. I felt good, so I found myself “waiting” for 4:40am to come so I could leave for the run. I did push-ups, sit-ups, played around with my pictures online, anything to pass the time. I arrived at the bridge and Paul was already running. Joe P. was there, too, he hasn’t run here since December. I ran my warmup mile alone, then did the first two bridge miles with Lanae and Lilia. I’m surprised Ms. Drew isn’t doing the A1A Marathon this weekend, after talking with her I’m thinking maybe she will zip down and try anyway. Who ever saves up their energy for a half marathon the week after a great full like A1A? My 3rd thru 6th laps were done mostly with Gary Walk. Mostly? Yeah, we started together, I think I ran up faster and he would catch back up running down or I’d wait a few secs at the bottom. A nice breeze from the southeast made for enjoyable running both ways on the hill. I felt very good, backing up two low-quality early am runs in Australia. Maybe this coming weekend’s race will prove the taper philosophy a winner, the one my work forced me to employ overseas!

I met Lanae at DD for a drinks and catchup afterwards. How nice not to be rushed after a workout , a luxury for this guy!

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