In the Navy…

2000 yards. First swim in over a week, it was 5 out of 10 on the quality scale. I thought I’d hit one of the many aquatic centers in Australia, but I didn’t put that together while away. I arrived in time to get a lane. I saw people milling about after I began, maybe 1/4 of the way through my laps. I invited one guy to use the middle of the lane between us. He declined, saying, “There are a lot of us.” No kidding? Apparently the local Navy depot has a swim for fitness program. In all of my early am LA Fitness swims this has never happened before. Maybe a dozen people, guys, girls, and what could have been two instructors came out of the dressing rooms to swim. They did warm ups first, trying to figure out how they’d get their workout in with my churning laps in the leftmost lane. Some of them walked the laps, some thrashed through an unnatural freestyle pace for 25 yards then rested at the side. A few did breaststroke or backstroke. They eventually drew off into teams and started relaying. I knew there’d be trouble when I saw one well-tattooed guy flailing (but going pretty well!) very close to me. About 4 laps or 100yards later, he ht me head on in my lane. I popped up completely surprised with a WTF exclamation. He apologized and I kept going. At the end of the workout, as I left the pool, I heard someone calling out, “Sir, sir…” It was the same guy, who in front of his whole group apologized again for going way out of his lane and crashing into me. I was impressed, obviously our Navy is still teaching respect among their new recruits!

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