The stroke decay.

2000 yards Today I started and swam as usual. I’m low maintenance, I hop in and just start going! As a result of using the same pool most times, I know about where on the wall I should be at each breath (every third stroke). When I start, I go pretty far for my 6th stroke or second breath. I’m not consciously doing anything different, but I notice that as the swim continues, I am less efficient. That spot on the wall that signifies where breath #2 was in the beginning is not matching up in the later laps. Maybe its a product of breathing or arm fatigue? I know keeping a count of the strokes will force myself to be more aware of the form I keep. I know in the beginning of the swim I am breathing less by holding on and exhaling late. I should try the arm paddles and see if I can build more endurance for the mile or so  these workouts last. I am not at all too tired at the end to continue, so more noticing of these little things is good for me.

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