Off-beat bridge running

7 mi. Talk about following habit – I ran the hills a day earlier this week and I throught the next day was Wednesday, I dated items wrong at work – messy! I asked John if he wanted to run the hill workout after work and before dinner – so we did. At 6pm, it’s still in the 80s for temps, but there was a southeast breeze that made for some relief. John ran the 1/2 mi warmup and first 2.5 bridges with me, when he had a groin soreness. I encouraged him to walk back down the hill and meet me at the bottom. I kept running up and over repeatedly, meeting him at the bottom where we left water for ourselves. He walked up to the top each time and ran the downhill with me for my remaining laps. We saw a few walkers, two other runners, and a guy that wanted to show his girlfriend he “still had it.” He sprinted on the other side of the street up the hill for 75 yards a few times. He tried to run with me for one lap, but that didn’t work for his lungs. On the way down, he exclaimed, “10 years ago I could do that!”  Now in his 30s, I held back from telling him my age  – I didn’t need to salt his pride wound right there in public! Another guy walking up the bridge gave John and I a hearty, “F*ck Yeah!” salute as we ran by. You wouldn’t see that if we were home eating dinner I told John. We saw OYMs Aqua Duo group run over the bridge then swim at Phil Foster Park’s little beach. Then as we were finishing, they ran back over the bridge, a little slower than the approach and with goggles around their necks. We stopped in the store to say hello to the OYM group then went home to eat.

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