Sixty one

7mi. I came out in a pair of old Nike shorts and a cotton t-shirt. Temp was 61 leaving my house, 64 at the bridge. Paul and I started the warmup run together, he had two shirts on. Part of me thought maybe I should run with the mini dollar store gloves, but that got nixed fast. I may be a cold whimp, but not gloves in the 60s!

I started running the bridge with John, he questioned why I had shed my shirt. He thought he’d be cold but I assured him it was fine, he would be running without a shirt in a lap or two. Which was accurate, on hill mile #3 he tossed his shirt. Matt K. and Seth thought we were showing off, but they peeled off layers along the way. I ran 3 miles, went for a men’s room break, and returned up and over the hill to catch them coming back at me. They ran #5 fast – I did the climb with them but they ran away from me on the downhill. A good workout anyway – glad I showed up and pushed 5.5 miles of hills and 1.5 warmup/cooldown.

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