Time to work hard

16mi. Knowing my long run for A1A Marathon is the Miami Marathon, I don’t have too many weeks to pull out a better effort than just a long Saturday run. I have upped the difficulty level by doing the speed in the Saturday workouts. This needs to be a good effort.

Megan said she’d run 10 miles, but having missed a good Saturday workout while camping in Ft Pierce with the scouts, this had to be a good run. I got to Loggerhead Park at 6:30 and ran 6 miles to PGA and back before meeting Megan. I did an avergae pace of 7:13 for those 6 miles, good and according to what I thought I’d do. Megan came and told me she wasn’t doing a 7:20 pace, she’d need to warm up first. We ran at 8:20, 8:10, 8:00 pace up past the pier, past the Reef Club and Carlin Park. Our pace was increasing and we stopped to drink whenever we wanted to. We ran to the inlet, stopping briefly to talk to Karen Paxton, Jan, Suzanne McCarthy and “Jamaican Gary” as they prepped to ride to Bridge Rd.

Once at the Inlet, we ran faster coming back. It felt like wind would be behind us, but it was all over the place. We saw clouds blowing over us and settling down on the water. To me, it looked as if the ocean was boiling! We stopped for two waters along the way and kept running south. Our pace got quicker, and quicker, until from the pier to loggerhead we have increased to a mid 6 min per mile pace. That last quesrter mile is gasping for me. I finish with an overall avergae time of 7:38 for the 16 miles. That’s the pace for a 3:20 marathon. Good day on the road!

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