Solo = Time to learn something

10 mi. The group start at the store was thinly attended. The annual Turtle Trot race at Carlin Park was rerouted to start and end at Ocean Cay Park because of the construction on the course. Erica ran with a few other guys at a 7:20 pace – I didn’t care or need to keep that speed, my miles were probably 7:45 heading up to the Inlet. I ran alone in the dark up to the first water stop. The quicker group was ahea dof me, I wasn’t pushing to catch them. I stayed at my pace and ran in what was now warm and still conditions. I saw the flat sea and rolling barrel waves – this could be a good day to learn how to ride the surfboard? I saw Erica’s group at the Inlet, they left as I arrived. When I ran back, I was surprised how few people did the full 10 mile loop. Belle and a few other girls ran behind me, but it was a sparse crowd.

Coming back was fun, I found all of the volunteers prepping for the 5k race on A1A. The Coughlin boys were setting up a water stop. The lead kids in the one mile race spun around the halfway point traffic cone and I egged them on during their run back home. “I do not want to get beaten by a little kid, or a by kid running with a dog,” I exclaimed as they hurried their pace to stay ahead of me. That was fun – most of them kept turning around to see if I was still near them. I ran back to the store and finished the run, got a quick sip of water and drove to Marcinski road to watch the 5k. Erica was there, her sister ran the race. Seth won overal, Paul Reback won his age group and Dale did the same to his crew.

What did I learn? The oppressively warm conditions are back for South Florida, and maybe I can surf those smooth waves later this afternoon. John and I went to the beach later in the day, the waves had picked up so it was rough going for me. Diane finished her run at the pier and met us, same for Jessica who drove down and spent time with me before her family gathering later in the afternoon. All spurred on by the early morning run and a willingness to grasp something new!

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