Feed it!

A lackluster photo of a landmark, but proof I made it out of bed today!

30 mi.
It’s Mother’s Day and I’m busy. John has graduation tomorrow, relatives are in town and regular life and work duties carry on.

I woke up this morning with no idea or plan to workout. I ran yesterday and that was good. Last night Jessica told me something that spurred a thought. She said, “You know how you like to run? That’s how I feel about riding. I’ll just go out and ride.” Reflecting on that simple statement, I know I like to ride, too. More than I like to run. I told her I have probably only ridden 5 times since racing Ironman in July. I don’t know why, the tri training is not too exciting I guess. I’d prefer to be off-road on a mountain bike or jumping on a BMX bike. All that considered, I still really like riding, working my legs and lungs, and I haven’t been doing that.

I left the house at 7am, a bottle half filled with sports drink/water plus a Clif Bar. It rode the inland streets to the Jupiter Lighthouse, took the picture above and came back against a breeze along the beach road. I was too late to see the groups and friends, but I did see a few folks running or riding. I wished a lady and her older mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” at the crosswalk near the pier, that surprised them and brought smiles. I went down US-1 to Northlake on an empty road – nice and smoothly paved, too! Home was only 4 miles down Northlake, this time with an indirect tailwind. I didn’t go fast, but sitting in the kitchen now at 9am, I am glad I went!

The time, the conditions, all those excuses fall shy to the truth. I don’t have a priority to do what I like ~ which is ride. I may no longer be able to list cycling as a strength, but the love of riding still is. It’s up to me to feed it.

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