Lighter than I thought

10mi. I was happy John woke up and wanted to keep the Saturday workouts as part of what he does. Dave had telegraphed earlier that he would be running at 6am, I was surprised to see him at the start instead of Marcinski Road. Walter was there, Erica, Lilia and Chris, plenty of folks training for upcoming races.

My joking about training for the Singer Island Triathlon makes people smile. I am announcing at the race, so I tell folks I’m eating lemons, drinking rum shots and doing throat exercises. Our run starts when I realize Linda and George will not be giving a startup pep talk – it’s 6am and it’s time to go! I announce that to the group and we run. It’s getting light out already, barely 6am and I don’t need a blinking light nor will I be running up to Carlin Park in the dark. Walter finds a new friend running north, Dave, John and I make a good pace to the firat water stop. It’s HOT now. We are running with the wind. Up to Carlin Park’s detour, talking all the way, Dave decides to wait for us at Circle K. Not far past that, John says his heels hurt and he wants to slow down and walk. He has been playing Ultimate Frisbee barefoot, so our best guess is his heels are bruised. I go up to the Inlet and back around to meet them.

At the faux water stop near Circle K the three of us find Suzanne McCarthy. She wishes me a happy birthday and I joke that her 50th isn’t long ahead. She runs with John and I while telling us that latest stories about her training for this week’s Boulder, CO 1/2 IM, Emma, Devon and her pets. It’s fun to hear her stories, as told only as she can deliver her adventures. We run slower than the first half all the way back to the store.

Once back, most seem like they are swimming today, but I’m not interested. Not one person wants to socialize at Dunkin Donuts, so John and I get our morning started a tad earlier than planned by heading home at 8am. The morning run start, our pace, the chatting with Suzanne and our uneventful ending all turn out to be “lighter” than expected. I’m ok with all of it!

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