Friday morning fifty

IMG_4379.JPG50mi. A start at home and up to Bridge Rd and back makes for 50 miles. That’s me with two water bottles, a Clif Bar and a willingness to solo ride on familiar roads. It’s me doing the “Inlet ride” I usually rip on Monday nights.

It’s somewhat windy on the way up Military Trail, but manageable. Once on Jupiter Island, I am shielded from some of the NE wind by the trees and homes. It’s shady but warmer as the day rolls on. I think I put too much Accelerade in the bottles, not even finishing the first one of two by the halfway point. In order to make the route 50 miles, I had to ride to the preserve and back. I fill the bottle with water and douse my head under the shower for the “down the neck” spritz I do when riding with Jessica. Riding home was good, I felt comfortable having remembered the Chamois Butt’r so comfort isn’t an issue. Off the island I ride the beach road and make good progress and keep a good pace. Traffic is now a concern, more people on the road and I’m not using the headlight. Even in good weather, this very bright light helps older, less aware drivers see me. (At least I am in the habit of remembering the Road ID bracelet!


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