London Ontario Run #5

5mi.  Penance. When would I eat a dinner where all compnents were fried except for the water I drank? Taht was tonight with Charlie, Christine and Simon. Good get together, but I didn’t want all of that stuck in one place for the night! I came back to the hotel at the same time as Charlie, he was not believing I’d run, instead he encouraged me to familiarize myself more with the software. I had to scoot out and catch as much daylight as I could for this one. Maybe I didn’t go as fast as Sunday night, but I did  well and felt good running in the cool temps. I didn’t bring water, I stopped halfway at the Armories Hotel and got water an a men’s room break. White t-shirt and shorts were the choice of clothes… same as all but one of my London Runs where I did a tank top. How wil I adjust back to the 80 degree warm runs? This method of adding weekly miles in small bites will work well for me.

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