Pressing an early one

20mi. It’s a commitment to getting the miles in when I leave home on foot at 4:30am with the idea of getting 10 miles done before the store run. the whole thing is predicated on John remembering to wake up on time and show up at least to drive me home. If he does it right, he will come at 6am and do the run. He does! I average under 8 min miles to the store in the dark, but then I lapse into a much slower and more uncomfortable pace for the second half. All totalled I average 8:32 for the twenty, good for the pace goal at Miami. I ran with John and Dave C., good company and I’m glad I put in the time early. It was very very humid for January, almost like an August day. Everyone knows it – it’s sweaty from the first mile and throughout the beachfront run. Today is Jessica’s birthday, we will go to a nice dinner and I definitely did not wnat to wake up tomorrow and do this on Sunday!

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