Rocket NOT

8mi.  Today I ran with plenty of folks. Jen Q, Jen K, Regina, John Reback and Steve are all there early. There’s a breeze from the SE so we enjoy cool temps all laps on the hill. The running of the hill was routine, no bathroom breaks, meaning I’ve figured out that eating big on Moe Monday after 7pm will send me to the Men’s room mid-run.

After the last solo cooldown lap, a high school kid and his mom walk towards me in the parking lot. The boy has a laptop open and he asks me how my run went. I tell him it was fine, and ask what they were here doing. They say they are going onto the bridge to watch the rocket launch – SpaceX is sending a rocket up in 9 minutes. That sounds good to me, the sky is totally dark and it would look GREAT watching this think takeoff in the early morning darkness. I walk to the top of the bridge and tell John R., Steve, and Paul. They stop and watch with me, along with a lady that was walking the bridge. I tune in on my iphone 6 and see the countdown. We all watch it until 1:00 left, when the launch is aborted automatically for a defect somewhere. We retreat back to the parking lot, I take some ribbing about the non-launch, but I tell everyone to show up at the fundraiser Tuesday night that Jessica and I are running. Oh well!

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