Two for Tuesday

9mi run, 19mi bike – I made a great move by finding out from Lanae if she and Rick and Lilia were doing the ride I sometimes see them involved with after bridge running. They were, I committed to go. It was so steamy hot and almost breezeless running the bridge. Teresa, the two Jens and Regina were all there. I ran some as a listener and some alone for 7 miles of bridges and 1.5 mi of parking lot warmup/cooldown.

Too hot!

Biking was good – their practice is each person pulls for a mile. We went to the parking lot past Marcinski Rd, turned around and came back. Rick pulls fast with his Zipp 808 wheels – it’s a good challenge on my beat up Blue Heron Bridge legs to keep the pace. Not much traffic and I really enjoyed the little breeze we made while riding.

Once back, I did good stretching in the sand under the bridge, then shower rinsed myself off. It was a god way to start a morning, I was home before 8am!

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