Taking care of the tender spots

7mi. Like I haven’t done this enough times to  know, the Blue Heron Bridge works your run muscles well.

I arrived begrudgingly at just before 5am, I was thankful to see Jen Q and Cody there. Jen Keys is still walking the hills, great for her, I expected her to already have delivered Baby #2. It was 73 degrees and very humid. Sweaty armpits happen fast in those conditions!

I wasn’t ready to run fast or do intervals, my plantar is still sore (all winter thru marathon season) and my left knee is soft and tender from 1/2 IM Clermont. I tried this bridge running last Monday with John at dinnertime, one lap up was all I wanted to do on the knee that was pinging pain.

Today my knee felt sore but got better as I continued. I wouldn’t go fast, doing 4 laps with Jen, one with Aldo and one with new girl Nicole. I’m glad I didn’t stay in bed, but I need to continue stretching and caring for the “tender spots on my left side” – knee and plantar…

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