Getting popular again!

5mi. Today I must have hit all the red traffic lights on the way to running, I was late. I did 3 laps of the warmup, so many younger people and new faces today!

I ran mostly with Erica, slightly behind her on most intervals. I ran the 200ms and the mile at my own pace, mile was approx 6:02.

1 mile warmup jog

800m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery

1 mi cooldown

Erica’s foot began to hurt on the cooldown, so she did not want to risk an injury. We walked a lap then I drove home. My knee felt best since 1/2IM Clermont, it better, I now have to show well at a 5k in q week and a half.

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