Hills to recover

6.5 mi. I have so many good examples of how running the Blue Heron Bridge two days after a marathon gives my legs needed recovery. I arrived on the coldest day of our year, 46 degrees. The deceiving part was the breeze. Listed at just 4mph, it was more powerful and colder at the top of the hill. I wore a PBRR Classics long-sleeved shirt, a cotton short-sleeved shirt, and a lululemon windbreaker jacket. Gloves and calf sleeves made my outfit complete.

I ran a 1/2 mile warm up alone, then 3 miles with Kathy Murphy. I did a quick bathroom break and I ran the other 3 miles with Steve, the guy I met last week that drives in from Wellington to run the hill. He is training for his first Boston Marathon, so we had a good conversation all the way.

No cool down for me, all my upper layers were sweaty, I drove home and showered to start a busy day. I later heard on the radio that someone jumped off the bridge earlier in the morning or last night…


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