Stress test

8 miles – After announcing at the Love Run in JD State Park, I wanted to do some sort of run for myself. A1A Marathon is next week, let’s simulate what that will be like.

It’s expected to be 71 at the start next week and a high of 81. This is typical for our South Florida marathons. I wanted to start at Carlin Park and run south 4 miles at 10am, then north back to the car. I figured I’d do a quicker pace than in the race. Yes, I did have coffee and raisin bread (a few pieces) at the Love Run. Here goes…

The wind was from the SE at 15-18 mph, so in my face starting out. I had various small samples and such of sunscreen in my truck, I found out which ones needed to be thrown away and used some 30 spf on my face, neck and there was enough from a spray container to cover my arms and legs.

I ran south on the beach road, at this time of day there is plenty more traffic and parked cars. I had new Oakley EV Zero blue glasses on, they were great. Light and full coverage. But no visor, and I was looking at the sun. I will solve that for next week’s race.

About one mile into the run, April Flynn joined me on her bike. She talked sometimes from across the street, sometimes from my side of the road, depending on the traffic. That was better than I had planned for!

Going south was good with a breeze, but I’d prefer not to have that much next week for the race. It didn’t feel as if it pushed me on the way back north, so what’s the point? I turned around just before the Juno Police station. Heading North, I stopped twice. Once at Loggerhead park for lukewarm water and to napkin off sunscreen from surrounding my eye sockets, as it was starting to get in my eyes. I won’t wear any on my face for the race. I also stopped in the sea grape trees north of Marcinski Road for a bathroom break – yay for large seagrape leaves!

The last 2 miles were good, I was happy to be done and ready for more to eat. I had two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from the Love Run, then met Andrea at my truck to put reflective stickers on the water containers and tables


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