Wind and wheels

30 miles – Time, to revisit riding! I haven’t done this jaunt in two months at least, and our main street, Northlake Boulevard was repaved.

I like to start early so as not to get much traffic and especially to not be mixed in with the Christ Fellowship church traffic in or out. I started at 7:30 am, with a stop for a few traffic lights and one at the Inlet park to snap a photo. I was back home at 9:10 am.

Riding up to Jupiter was good, a SE wind helped me some, but not like what I’d face coming back. I stopped at the Inlet, spoke briefly to Eileen Merken, and ate a package of apple sauce-like nutrients. Most of my way up there was at 20-21 mph. Coming back, into the wind, 16-17-18 mph.

My tires are showing wear, it would be wise to get new ones before the next ride, that and a front for my mountain bike which has a leak that cannot be repaired.

Solo riding gets the best results as in you cannot draft, every mile is 100% yours.

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