Tuning for the noodle

7.5 miles. I came and found only a few cars in the lot, but everyone there had already started a warmup.

I ran a lap in the parking lot, it was high 60’s with a nice breeze from the east. Teresa, Kathy, Mark Cudak, and another gal started with me. I wasn’t going to chat today, so I ran solo ahead of them.

This is where some of my visualizations occur. I think ahead to Sunday’s A1A Marathon and feel what the hill makes me experience. Then I imagine where on the course I’d like to be when I am working hard to go up the bridge or cruising down with gravity. I used to think the bridge workout was emulating my last 6 miles of a marathon. For this run, I was more specific. I wanted to have some positive thoughts about where on Sunday’s course I should feel things getting difficult and how I’d address it. Breathing shouldn’t play into it, a targeted 7:40 pace (3:20 finish) should allow me to breathe and still talk if necessary. I want to lighten up my weight by 2-3 lbs before Sunday. That means drinking water and eating healthy – no crap snacks or boredom food.

My last lap was spent with Matt, who found me coming up from the turnaround side. He was surprised to see I was on my 6th mile, but he stayed  for that and the 2 parking lot laps of cool down. He doubts (right now) he will do marathon training anytime soon. He did have a 9:15 tee time on the PGA National Champion Course. He’ll be playing that only a week before the Honda Classic pros. It’s tournament ready with beachers and high grown roughs.

Hopefully my abbreviated Miami marathon will serve as the successful long run for A1A. I’m on the Colavita team again, so it’s not just my Garmin keeping time, others are wtching. There should be no relief from the heat, it’s expected to be clear and a high temp nearing 80 about 90 minutes after I will finish. I look to keep pace for the first half, then for the first time in several years, use my small iPod shuffle to distract me on the way back from the “neighborhood” turn around point.

– dm

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