Mother’s Day thru PGA

6 miles. This will finish a 53 mile week, my longest in years. The base training I began after the RRCA Coacing Certification course is done.

I went on my regular loop, but having a large omelet before the run made for a bathroom break mid-run. That break put me in the perfect spot to run into the wind and rain for my final mile.

I didn’t have a visor or glasses. The rain was cool and refreshing. I was the only person left out on the path, until I ran through PGA Park. Many soccer players and fans were in their cars, under tents, or in restroom shelters. Lightning and thunder began, but by that time I was making my final turn with only .15 mile left to run.

While zapped by the rain in the last mile, it reminded me of things I can put in my book notes. Like the importance of practicing in the rain, clothing choices, and how to pee while running. Yeah, that. I would offer that a perfect day to “practice” this would be on a rainy downpour day.

You know, if that ever happens during the last piece of your routine run!


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