Track in the parking lot

5 miles. The plan of running yesterday petered out with my overindulgent BBQ lunch at Evie Mae’s BBQ here in Lubbock, Tx. Free beer, also, yes, fact. This meal was lunch AND dinner for me. And it also crossed off any chance of me doing a run after work. Burp!

I was staying in a Hilton hotel with a large shopping center next door. Big stores, Sam’s Club, Burlington, Target, Party City, etc. I had to visit the Target yesterday, so I conjured up a plan to do intervals in the large parking lot early in the morning when it was empty.

Almost empty.

I had a saved workout in my watch that allowed for a 1-mile warmup, six 800m repeats, and a one mile cool down. The parking lot was so big, I could run a 1/2 mile straight line and never touch a street or crossroad. All big box store parking spaces, and all of them empty. It was 84 degrees at 2 pm yesterday, 89 degrees at 6 pm, so I opted for the Friday morning 72 degrees at 5 am. It was dry, I should have brought a water bottle and left it at one end of the lot.

I did the intervals and kept them at or below my long interval goal pace of 6:00/mile. Some glances down at the watch were 5:40, some were at 6:10, 6:15.

Twice I saw a LARGE Texas style rabbit run across the road. Whereas our rabbits are small enough to fit in a hand, these were knee-high, long ears and as large as a small dog. Two rabbit omens in the same workout – it’s positively a sign of speed says me.

Glad I woke up early to check off this box…

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