Cheated no more

5.5 mi. We have stayed clear of the hot, still, and humid conditions for a month and a half longer than usual. This week has been a solid “rain every day” stretch, so maybe the summer pattern of high humidity and afternoon showers will return.

I had a high heart rate earlier than I thought I should have on most of the intervals. The repetitive 400m were descending, even when I thought #2 would be more than the first. Those were 1:25, 1:22, 1:20. My final 500m was at a pace between 5:20 – 5:35 which is good for the short intervals and marathon training.

1.5 mi warmup jog

100m w/100m recovery
100m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
600m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery

1 mile cool down

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