Positively successful

6mi – Today was an easy 6 mile run, a follow up to running a tempo workout yesterday.

I ran a familiar route, on the hard cement sidewalks of PGA National. The big PGA Tour trucks are now in the park near my house, next week is the Honda Classic Golf event. Tents are setup on the course along with bleachers and concessions. This will be a busy place in a few days!

I prefer to run and talk with others and meet folks before and after running. There is a really important value to running alone, too. No music or distractions, just thinking as you go along the route. When I get to run by myself, it is dedicated time to put my thoughts about the upcoming goal race in order.

My thoughts bounce around and seem to feed off of the success I’ve experienced in my recent training. It sounds easy to do – if your last run was favorable, you would have good feelings about what’s ahead, right? Not so for many people. I hear friends speak about this worry, that concern, what if this, and I hope not that.

I know my mind has finite space. I don’t want to pour doubts and concerns in there, leaving little room for the positive beliefs I know will power me.

Here are some of the raw thoughts that came to me today…

  • It was cooler than the summer-like weather we’ve had the last two weeks, so solo running felt nice. I had time to think about the positive things I want to see happen. How I will feel in the race. Yes, I took time to realize that I was thinking positively about my training and the goal race. This is personal awareness and manifestation in action!
  • I saw (visualized) what I might experience running mostly alone on the course. I saw plenty of trees, a random aid stop, but not many people during the race. I envisioned cool weather that did not have me seeing my breath. I wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt with singlet on top.
  • I was trying to figure out how to organize bottle drop and pickups on the course. This would be to my advantage, having good fluids waiting for me on the course. Should I carry one in my belt early or pick that up later?
  • I imagined greeting everyone at the finish of the race and sharing I finished my race in under 3 hours. I think they expect me to do this, but I have to live through the struggle. We will have 6 runners together in Pa. for this race.
  • I felt like although my legs were tired from yesterday, I was running well and pain/issue free. This is where I wanted to be a month from the goal race – healthy!

I wasn’t concerned with my time or pace on today’s workout. This run was about filling my head with good thoughts and placing myself ahead 35 days to begin feeling and visualizing success. I know this works for me.


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