Getting Close

Today’s workout was a 3 mile interval workout done two times on a hilly course. It was 70 degrees, which went well with my idea of running without a shirt.

This run happens on the highway overpasses on Hood Road and Central Blvd. We start running from Alton neighborhood clubhouse down to a start point near the entrance to the Old Palm community. We run immediately over an I-95 overpass, then west on Hood Road to cross over I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. It’s then another mile to Jog Road, which is the stop point for the first 3 mile interval.

Our pace was to be at our goal marathon pace minus 10 seconds, that’s 6:35 minutes per mile. We did slightly better than that going out – finishing in 19:40 with an average pace of 6:33. We waited for Maureen and Kyle to do a recovery mile, then we ran back on the same hill route to the Old Palm area. That interval was done in 19:43, also an average of 6:33 minutes per mile.

These speed workouts do test me, I find that since incorporating swimming I am better on the breathing end of going fast. I’m happy with the average paces and that I was feeling good when done. I brought just water in a belt mounted bottle. I drank before each interval, a tiny bit during the running, then after each 3 miler.

These speed runs are good to keep leg turnover high and like Nicole said after completing her first marathon this weekend, the plan trains you at paces faster than the marathon pace for a reason! I’m growing in this training and will make good on it hopefully on race day in ideal conditions!

~ dm

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