Hilly long run in Jensen Beach

The final SOS 16 mile run of this training was done in the Skyline neighborhood of Jensen Beach. This is where we wrapped up last season’s successful Boston Marathon training. The route is a 4 mile loop with approximately 150 ft of hills rolling up and down each lap. We do 4 laps.

Kyle and Maureen did this run – it was Kyle’s first venture up to this area. He has been a reliable training partner since telling us he was entered in this year’s Boston Marathon. Daniel was out of town, so I wanted to run as a group of three. Our first two laps were in the dark, the last two saw the nice sunrise and some daylight.

We learned of our Two Rivers Marathon postponement earlier in the week. They believe the new race will happen in September. I am disappointed but not in a huge way. I did prepare properly for the race, I benefitted from the training, I will use this to take me up another notch, even if it means training in the warmer summer months.

The half marathon training I did starting in June 2019 for a race in late October made me familiar with these paces. My idea of preparing to be lined up for this type of training worked. This long run was done on tired legs, having the 10 x 3 minute Blue Heron Bridge run and 10 mile tempo earlier this week, I did them all at the correct paces. I have the speed and fitness I needed to race well in Pa.

I can do that again, with all of this experience and confidence.

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