Positively successful

6mi - Today was an easy 6 mile run, a follow up to running a tempo workout yesterday. I ran a familiar route, on the hard cement sidewalks of PGA National. The big PGA Tour trucks are now in the park near my house, next week is the Honda Classic Golf event. Tents are setup … Continue reading Positively successful

Doing what’s prescribed

Today is a Wednesday, the Hanson's Marathon Method's "off" day for runs. I like how it's placed in the middle of the two challenging speed and tempo workouts, the rest from Tuesday's effort and prep for the Thursday tempo run is appreciated. Last week I began swimming. The goal was to increase my lung use … Continue reading Doing what’s prescribed

The season is the reason

6 mi. Today was a run back into the training for Two Rivers Marathon Festival. I had been "off" for a week following A1A Marathon, this 6 mile easy run was next on the calendar. I ran in PGA National, my regular route. the weather when I began at 8:40 am was 55 degrees - … Continue reading The season is the reason