South Beach short run

5.5mi Today was the final day of the IFA show, during which I did no running, pushups or situps. Walter arranged for us to run with his friend Jeff, who works for the registration company that handles the show.  We woke at 5:30, got set, packed, checked out, and drove to his oceanfront hotel to begin the run at 7am.  We went south on the boardwalk and back, totaling 5.5 mi. It was a slow jog, really. Jeff asked a lot of questions about pace and spoke about the NY marathon and his training at home, which is full of hills.  He has an injury that has sidelined him, so he’s just working back to regular running, the flat Florida terrain and warm temps were a good help.  A 52 yr old man joined us for the middle 3 mi., he had recently undergone heart surgery and was running to keep fit.

The scenery was nice, I thought more people would have been out on a Sunday morning, but no.  The paver bricks on the southern end of the beach were hard, unlike the wooden boardwalk on the upper half.

Not the usual feeling and benefit of a long run like on most weekends! Makes up for last weekend’s 36 miles I guess.

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