Riding and daydreaming

19 miles. The time seems to be longer than just about an hour, and at today’s 16.1 mph average pace, it was. I think about all sorts of things, it’s so dark and as a result, there’s no scenery, so I find an idea and I chase it.  Work, training, swimming, it’s all fair to toss around when I’m out there pedaling. This was my second street ride on the mountain bike, maybe I’m getting better at taking my fat tires on paved roads – shame on me! This ride on my #2 road TT course was with a 13 mph easterly wind. That didn’t feel as bad as Tuesday’s ride because this route  is mostly North/South with limited exposure to riding directly east. The Nite Rider Lite worked great, I am anxious to get the head & helmet strap and really go out in the dark with the double lights. Or just the helmet mounted light on the tri bike.

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