This again?

33 miles. Another  ride up the Jupiter Island stretch, this time with others.  I started with the 6:30am group, went most of he way up with them, staying to talk with Adrienne Papa for the last 3 miles heading north.  The way back was with a new rider to the group named Chris, Bob who I keep thinking is Kristy’s boyfriend, and Kristy.  Chris is a powerful rider, pulling at over 24 mph into the wind.  When it was my turn, I kept the needle at over 22 mph against the breeze, what a burn that gives the legs!  I didn’t eat the Clif bars I brought, I finished one water bottle by the time I got back.  Our route included the extra stretch of the road north of Bridge Rd Beach park to the preserve parking lot.  When we returned, I ran 3/4 mi the  swam with no sunscreen for 15-20 minutes in very wavy conditions.  Good practice for those less than stellar ocean swim days.

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