Squeeze me in

2000 yards.  So here’s a day when I arrive and the four lanes of the pool are full.  I finally get one, and another guy (good swimmer) gets in between lanes and starts his workout between me and another swimmer. The other swimmer gets frustrated or is just legitimately done and leaves.  Big crowds make big wakes!

Warmup Set (400y)
2 x 150 (50 easy/50 moderate/25 kick easy/25 kick hard) @ 0:15 rest
100 non-free

Main Set (1400y)
3 x [100 hard @ 2:05, 100 mod-hard @ 2:15, 100 moderate @ 2:25, 100 easy @ 2:35]
200 non-free

Warmdown Set (200y)
8 x 25 build @ 0:40

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