Tune up at race distance.

29mi. I started with Chiara at 7am at Loggerhead park.  Bathrooms and fountains repaired, it is a good place to start now that the sun rises early around 6:15am. The regular longer ride group left at 6:45, ok for me, I’m low on any base cycling miles, I don’t need the benefit of the draft. We had cross winds from the east that changed to from the South East when we were coming back, this made for speeds in the 18-19 mph range. I was content spinning in the lower gear like last week, plus I had risen my seat and tilted it slight;y forward in hopes of a more comfortable fit. It was good, but needs more tilt forward I think.  Chiara took some Mother’s Day beach pictures at Bridge Rd, then we made our way back event-free.

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