24 for San Diego

24mi. I’m not going to San Diego, but Walter is so I ran his long test run with him. Our route began at the store at 4am, we ran straight East on Donald Ross Rd for 3 mi then turned and back. At 5am, Adrienne, Chiara and Suzanne met us. Then we ran to PGA Blvd and back to the store. Walter and I didn’t stop, we ran to the Sea Oats traffic light and back. The regular run started, and I met Suzanne McCarthy at Marcinski Rd. We ran in surges up to the pier, this time I had two gels for the day and 2 mini Lara bar samples. Walter sped up from the pier back to Marcinski, then he waited at that light for me. We continued south to the duck pond, running most of the way around that to pass 24 miles. Then we walked and made our way back to the store, approx 1 mile of a cool down. I was glad to be home before 9am. Linda and George were having a social breakfast at 9am at Loggerhead park, but I wasn’t ready to have John waiting too long for me so I went home.

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