The group thing

50 mi/3 mi run  I was looking forward to riding with Suzanne and Suzanne then running afterwards. I figured the 6:30am start would have us ahead of the big Sunday groups I’ve associated with crashing and injuries. Didn’t happen, we left with the group, Austin had no riders for his planned 70 miler so he joined us too. I found myself at the very front of the line, once on Jupiter Island I did stay in the lead group. I was confused as to how some ride parallel to the paceline – how are the tired leaders supposed to work their way back through the pack to rest? This is where I see potential for crashes as newer people join in and experienced riders want to show their power once a week. We went to Bridge Rd then up Dixie Hwy instead of Gomez Rd, only Suzanne McCarthy and Austin were with me. We headed north into a slight breeze to Sandsprit Park. We gathered with a few more riders and came back at a quicker “with the breeze” pace. Austin managed one very long pull at 21-22 mph down Dixie Once on Jupiter Island, we gained speed again, then finally added the last bit coming after the fork in the road on the island. It was a better workout than I would have given myself, and I really did appreciate getting to hide behind the paceline after pulling.

The run was around the duckpond with both Suzannes. I cannot yet hop off the bike and run fast, those brick workouts take time to practice!

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