National Running Day

6mi. I didn’t think about it until I woke up too early – today’s that day when you’re supposed to run because everyone else who runs in America will join you in spirit or on the roads. Ok, foregoing all of that, I had some things I wanted to try and Wednesday morning looked like the best time to go for it. In hearing about Lance Armstrong’s latest 70.3 win in Hawaii, I read his kept a high turnover pace rate of 180 steps per minute. This doen’t mean much to me because after all of my running I’ve never thought to count my steps. Sounds basic, just didn’t weigh in, the measure was always pace, distance or time. So I didn’t plan on counting steps, but I wanted to make an effort to keep shorter strides going quick, like Attila does in his marathons. It was good, both ideas came together well, the high turnover rate and the lean on your lungs instead of galloping stride. I ran the usual Steeplechase route of 6 mi in 41:05 at 6:51 pace. I would have been satisfied with the trail at 7 min miles, so it’s a good start to a day already. National Running Day! I also kept the simpleness of Robert Dabrowski’s approach – “If I want to win, I just have to go faster.”

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