To George Bush in Boynton

30 mi.  This was a great day to ride… I met Suzanne early (cause no kids in school) and we avoided the Palm Beach A1A construction. So that means riding Dixie Hwy to Lake Ave and taking the Lake Worth Bridge to A1A. Once there, we headed south, I led at 21-22 mph with no breezes. I concentrated on breathing. Suzanne was with me the whole time, never wavering. Her training is working and her legs are getting healthy again!  We went south past the Palm 100 turnaround park to George Bush Blvd. What a nice ride in great conditions, not too warm or windy. We went home same route, Suzanne has no problems keeping my pace, I ride slower than what she is used to with the girls Thursdays and group on Sundays. She let me use her clincher wheels since my race rear wheel flatted on Sunday – I brought it to OYM for necessary repair and replacement. If I can mix in some real rides like this more than just once a week…

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