Titanic run (with no tragedy at the end)

31 mi. I started at 3:20am from the Running Sports store. It was breezy and humid, wet streets from recent passing storms. I had the amiphod bottle on my waist (with Carbo-Pro) and a hand held strap bottle with water. I was thankful to God that even without saying a prayer, the breeze was washing around and cooling me like it knew when and what side of me needed it!  The run down to Singer Island was warm, but nice. Especially the newly paved segments of A1A through Singer Island, it is well lit and smooth. I saw no cars on this 8 mile portion. I ran around the Ocean mall and refilled the hand bottle there. Coming back up to Juno was good, too, nice breeze and my pace was in the 8:15 range. I passed Chiara and Steve running while running north, they apparently started late. I ran around the duck pond and since my pace was quicker than previous attempts, I did the Donald Ross Bridge over and back, too, all before the 6am group store run. I announced to the group prior to the start that Teresa’s KrankIt Spin Studio was having the Grand Opening today, encouraging all to help out and stop by. With the group, I made my way to the front, got passed by those faster than 8 min pace, and ran alone all the way. A quick bathroom break at the inlet and I was heading south. It’s odd to be that far into the run and know you still have 7 miles left, meaning more than just running to the store. I slowed my pace once at mile 27, I felt my stomach filled with Endurox and switched to just water. It was sunny, breezy and hot now! I ran past Donald Ross Rd for a lap of the pond, this was a slow labor event for me. Pace was drawn back to whatever would keep me moving forward in the sun. I ran back to the store and changed into dry shorts and flip flops, the 110% compression sleeves and their companion ice packs. I am tired, need food and have to pressure clean the driveway and patio today. Oof, this was a good workout!

Garmin report

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