28 mi. I knew by checking the weather report yesterday that the winds from Tropical Storm Debbie would still be pressing us at 15mph from the SSW. This means that my ride would be legendary going up Military Trail, then a struggle coming all the way home from Jupiter Inlet Park. It was dark when I left at 5:30am so in practice for Sunday’s 100 miler I wore two rear blinking lights, my flashing headlamp and the good NR headlamp. NO rain thankfully, I got to press 24-25 mph up much of Military Trail with the wind. I guess the route goes to 30 mi even when I cut over at Donald Ross Rd like last week, but I went straight up Military to Indiantown Rd this time. The water fountain at the Inlet park was out of order, something about a boil water order, so no mini bottle refill today. I rode south on A1A, no cars and 19-20mph into the wind was good for me. Suzanne M rode yesterday and tipped me off, the southerly route was a challenge. I was solo the whole ride, saw Dale Ruth running at Jupiter Dunes Golf course, I don’t think he recognized me when I greeted him.

On this ride, in the breezy and dark start this morning, I had plenty of time to think to myself, being alone some recently has given me this. I realized why I’ve done some things, made some decisions and found myself here mentally. Today’s ride was a good sort-out for me, which I very much needed. Your mind takes you to some odd places if you let it. I’m not afraid of those places, but I want to know that I have a safe route back when I’m done wringing myself out.

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